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Marshallton Research Laboratories, Inc. manufactures chemical specialties for nuclear energy applications. 1) calixarene extractants for the removal of cesium-137, 2) partitioning agents for actinide/ lanthanide separations (fuel cycle R & D), and 3) analytical reagents.

In 2008, Marshallton implemented the ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance program (NQA-1, 2008).

We offer selective ligands for the isolation and purification of rare earth elements (REEs). Many of these are attractive candidates for applications in ore processing and recycling.

Marshallton also produces fluorinated organic intermediates and fine chemicals for the pharmaceutical, agrichemical, electronics and aerospace industries.

Custom synthesis and process scale-up capabilities are immediately available. Let us help advance your product concept toward commercialization.

Based in North Carolina, USA Marshallton provides rapid response, fast delivery, complete confidentiality, and strategic reliability.

Marshallton Research Laboratories, Inc.
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King, NC 27021 USA Phone: +1 (336) 983-2131
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Conferences & Exhibitions

Waste Management Symposia 2018
Phoenix, AZ
(March 18-22, 2018)
Booth # 810

42nd Actinide Separations Conference
Charleston, SC

(May 21-24, 2018)

20th Symposium on Science and Technology for Energy Applications
Gatlinburg, TN

(October 21-24, 2018)