Need a new compound?

From grams to hundreds of kilograms, Call or email us for your custom synthesis requirements. From demonstration of a new synthetic route through process development and process scale-up, all work is done in our North Carolina facilities.  We are readily accessible and share your commitment to the success of your project.


Chemical Processing Equipment

We carry out organic chemical reactions in glass equipment of up to 72 liters in capacity.  Supporting capabilities for product isolation and purification: partitioning, vacuum distillation, crystallization, and column chromatography.  For further scale-up, larger reactors (300 to 1,000 gallons) are available off-site.



On-site:  GC,GC-MS, HPLC

Off-site: NMR, LC-MS, ES-MS



If your commercialization plan calls for Premanufacturing Notification (PMN) or Low Volume

Exemption (LVE), we can prepare the required submission documents.


Quality Assurance

In 2008, Marshallton implemented the ASME Nuclear Quality Assurance program (NQA-1, 2008).



Your proprietary information is confined to our North Carolina location and controlled on a need-to-know basis.  Non-disclosure agreements can quickly be put in place when you need them.